First Ever Costco Tire Centre Post

There has never been a tire centre post done so here it is!

I walked up to the local Costco Tire Centre and inquired about all season tires.  Now is a good time to book your appointment for new tires.  I was informed that the slow season for tire centres has arrived (the busy winter tire installation/removal season just ended).  That means that the tire centres are now accepting appointments online and over the phone in advance.  During the busy season appointments are not accepted, and the tire centres only do walk-ups/drive-up appointments on a first come-first served basis.

This week there is a $70 cash card promotion for Michelin tires and a 1 cent per tire installation sale (regular price $15 per tire installation).

The basic installation package (regular price only $15 per tire) includes the following, which is unbelievable value:

Also on for a while is a $70 cash card promotion for BFGoodrich tires.

The multitude of advantages for buying Costco tires are:

One of the biggest advantages for buying Costco tires is the Costco Road Hazard Warranty.  All passenger, performance and light truck tires sold through Costco Wholesale are covered by a 5-year Road Hazard Warranty* protecting customers against tread wear damage and tire failure.  My dad damaged one tire on the side wall and the local Costco replaced all four tires.

The prices for all available tires are on the website and can be ordered to each individual warehouse here.

Below are the in store prices for the batteries and tires in the physical store I visited.





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  1. It MUST be clarified the actual terms and conditions of the Tire Hazard Warranty from Costco’s website:

    In particular: **Credit is determined by multiplying the useable remaining tread by the current price of the tire**.

    In other words, you will not receive a brand new tire, free of charge.

    What is covered

    “Road hazard failure” is defined as a tire that becomes unserviceable due to cuts, non-repairable punctures or impact damage. Costco Wholesale will repair tires with tread-face injuries in accordance with established RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) standards.
    This warranty covers road hazard failures in passenger, performance and light truck tires purchased from Costco Wholesale.
    This warranty is valid for sixty (60) months from the date of purchase or when the tire reaches 1.6 mm (2/32 of an inch) or less in remaining tread depth regardless of age. When a tire has 1.6 mm (2/32 of an inch) or less in tread depth, it is considered worn out.
    This warranty provides credit based upon remaining usable tread at the time of failure due to road hazard.
    “Usable tread” is defined as the original tread depth of a tire less 1.6 mm (2/32 of an inch) (tread wear indicators).
    Credit is determined by multiplying the useable remaining tread by the current price of the tire.
    This warranty is a promise under certain conditions to give credit on a pro-rated basis towards the purchase of a new tire. This warranty does not imply that tires sold by Costco Wholesale meet certain specifications or cannot fail. This warranty does not replace or modify any original tire manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.

  2. If you get a great deal at Costco that no one will match, get them, but do not get them installed there, terrible installers! Wrecked my rim and they do not use a torque wrench to tighten lugnuts

  3. Thank you for this post! The timing was perfect. My husband needed new tires and went in during the sale. Happy to have a $70 cash card coming soon 🙂

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