Costco Executive Coupons: August 31 – September 27, 2020

Hi Everyone!

The Costco Executive Coupons have arrived in the mail.  You will find them in the first couple of pages in the Costco Connection Magazine this month.  There don’t seem to be as many coupons as usual this season, but anything helps, right?

One of the bonuses of the executive Costco membership is that you get mailed extra coupons!  Granted that if you follow this blog, you will be able to stock up on most of these items anyways, but I’m sure there are a few people who could use an extra sale.  I find that I always spend enough at Costco to justify an executive membership – although I may go to Costco more than most of you.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU WILL NEED THE ORIGINAL MAILED COUPONS TO REDEEM THESE SALE ITEMS.  THESE SALE ITEMS ARE ONLY VALID FOR EXECUTIVE MEMBERS

Here are the Costco Executive Coupons that get mailed out to Executive Members Only.  The coupons come in the same package as the Costco Connection Magazine.  If for some reason you are an executive member, but are not receiving the magazine and the coupons, stop by the membership desk.  Your membership may have the wrong address on file or you may need to opt-in for the mailing list.  You can also change them on or on the Costco App under My Account – Preferences.

Alternatively, you may be able to pick up a set of executive coupons at the membership desk – sometimes they have extras if you ask nicely.

The executive membership is twice the price of the basic membership ($60 vs. $120).

One last thing to note is that these executive coupon deals are not as good as the regular instant rebates.  This set of coupons, many of these items will go on sale on a pretty regular basis,  if you can wait to stock up, you will save a bit of money.  These executive coupons charge tax on the original amount, whereas regular instant rebates charge tax on the price after the sale price has been deducted.  I wrote a blog post about this with pictures of my receipt to show the difference.

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands with soap and water often!

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  1. I was told similar to Dennis…spend over $200/month. My mom said she gets a cheque yearly that basically covers her cost of the yearly membership. So basically you break even, unless you happen to buy 1 big ticket item on top of normal ~$200/month groceries.

  2. if you go with the executive membership, get your rebate cheque and it’s less than $60, you can choose to not accept/cash the cheque. Then downgrade to the regular membership, and get the $60 difference back.

  3. Gold Star Membership is $60 while Executive Gold Star Membership is $120 so the difference is only $60
    To get that $60 difference back you need to spent $3000 per year which is $250 per month.

  4. $6000 a year is $500 a month. I am not sure how large your family is but I can easily spend $500 a month in groceries and that doesn’t include the gas that purchase with my card or the additional purchases I make. Plus I make more than the membership fee back with the money we get back in the Costco membership and the Costco MasterCard we have.

  5. Wow $6000? I’ve recently been getting literally hounded and pressured to upgrade to executive membership. They keep telling me it’s worth it. My membership expires in December. Is it prorated? If not, I don’t see how it’s worth it. They told me I’d get a $25 online coupon if I upgraded. I told them I don’t really shop online and if covid gets bad i won’t be shopping as often either. Anyone else being pressured to upgrade?

  6. Someone worked out need spend as I recall 6000 a year to cover exec membership fee, exclusive sales are nothing great, they need to sweeten the deal a bit more imo. .

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