Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate Review

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Today I’m reviewing the Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate from Costco! It’s getting really cold here and hot chocolate is always something I crave during cold snaps so I picked this up to review.

I paid $11.99 Canadian for the box of 40 sachets. There’s two sachets of each flavour. Aero S’mores, Rolo, Turtles and After Eight. I have seen the same box of 40 sachets on sale for up to $3.00 off so if you can get it on sale that’s a really good deal!

The best before date is about ten months from the date we purchased the hot chocolate. It’s a fun idea to have four different varieties of hot chocolate in one box, all based on popular chocolates that everyone enjoys during the holiday season. To make the hot chocolate you simply mix your sachet with 3/4 cup of hot water. I personally believe that water has no place in hot chocolate so I always use milk and recommend others try the same! It makes it so much better. 

Hot chocolate definitely isn’t healthy but one sachet is actually not that high in calories or fat, just decently high in sugar which is to be expected.


The ingredients list has the first ingredient listed is sugar and there’s a few unpopular ingredients like hydrogenated vegetable oil and a few chemical-sounding ingredients as well. If you’re wanting to make hot chocolate at home that’s a bit less processed I recommend purchasing some high-quality chocolate shavings from your favorite local chocolate shop!

Aero S’mores on the left and Rolo on the right

The Aero S’mores hot chocolate tastes like regular Carnation hot chocolate with a hint of marshmallow. Slight chalkiness. Not bad.

Rolo hot chocolate is very sweet from the caramel flavour, very artificial tasting, you definitely taste the caramel. Very sweet hot chocolate. 

Turtles hot chocolate is pretty good! More of a richer caramel flavour, not as sweet as Rolo. I like this one the best.

After Eight hot chocolate smells so strongly of mint! Definitely tastes minty too, just like an After Eight. Also pretty good. 

Turtles on the left and After Eight on the right

Both the Turtles and After Eight are the better ones. I think kids would absolutely love these and even adults will find them enjoyable. 

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10 

Taste: 7/10 

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Written by Natalie


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  1. I think these prepackaged mixes are all garbage and gross.

    If you follow the instructions and add a measly 175 ml of hot water which is very little water ,you end up with a very [sweet] tiny small ‘cup’ of hot chocolate. I won’t call it cocoa because it’s not. It’s only slightly better than the Tim Horton’s hot chocolate, which is like a shot of chocolate syrup. With the Tim’s version, you’re supposed to add even less hot water—140 ml. No thank you.

  2. Nestle is a terrible company, and I don’t see how they even meet Costco’s supply chain code of conduct as there is literally child slavery that goes into producing it. you’ll never see me buying their stuff. they’re also involved in stealing BC’s groundwater (well, actually buying it for pennies per 100,000s of thousands of litres). all around bad news bears!

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