Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight
Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight

A vegan delight!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

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I had my first Costco West reader request for a product review! So exciting! That’s why I’m reviewing the Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight from Costco today!

Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight


Both my husband and I were shocked at how good these were! Neither of us knew quite what to expect, but they taste like a premium-quality, silky, smooth, creamy yogurt. They’re so good that one of my first thoughts was that you could eat them for dessert. Even though Maison Riviera doesn’t call this product yogurt, that’s what I’m going to refer to it as. Anyway, it isn’t a thick yogurt; it’s quite a bit thinner than any Greek yogurt or skyr. The three flavors included in this pack are lemon, mango and passion fruit and raspberry and blackcurrant. The lemon one was my favorite, but my husband liked the raspberry and blackcurrant one the best. The lemon packs a punch of refreshing lemon flavor and the raspberry and blackcurrant is sweet and slightly tart. The mango and passion fruit has a muted flavor and is minimally sweet. I think I would like the mango and passion fruit yogurt if it were slightly sweeter or had more flavor; it tastes great, but it leaves you wanting more of the flavor. Although the Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delights are made from coconut milk, you don’t taste any coconut in them. Had I not known, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that these yogurts were dairy-free or vegan; I just would have thought they might be the best yogurts I’ve ever tasted!

Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight


This variety pack of Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delights is definitely a little on the expensive side, but that’s to be expected with a premium product like this! You get 12 individually-packaged yogurts for $12.99 Canadian (regular price). The individual containers are fairly small (120 grams each); I’d say that they’re about half the size of a typical yogurt (depending on which ones you buy). Still, I feel that this product would probably be priced a lot higher in a regular grocery store. If a coffee shop or café offered these yogurts, I think they could easily charge $3.00 or more per serving and lots of people would happily pay it! The fact that each yogurt is packed in its own glass jar contributes to the cost as well (but also adds to the feeling that you’re eating a very high-end product).


Each yogurt comes in a glass jar with a peel-off foil top. The pack from Costco comes with three different flavors, which is great if you get tired of one flavor or have different taste preferences in your household. The yogurts are good for about a month from the purchase date.  Obviously the glass containers mean that you have to be more careful when transporting these yogurts than you would with yogurt in a standard plastic container – these might not be a great choice for school lunches for little ones.

Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight
Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight
Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight


Each 120 gram serving of Coconut Milk Vegan Delight contains 100 calories, four grams of fat, eight grams of sugar and three grams of protein. The ingredients list is pretty straight forward; it doesn’t include ingredients that make you question why they were added. I do wish there was a bit more protein in each serving as I use yogurt as a source of protein in my diet and usually tend to eat higher protein yogurts for that reason. Personally, I won’t be replacing my usual yogurt with Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight for that reason (at least on a regular basis).

If you’re vegan or can’t consume dairy, the Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delights are a great option! Even if you’re not, you should definitely check these out. They’re ridiculously tasty. I think you could serve them for dessert at a nice dinner party and your guests would complement you for it. It’s nice to see Costco carrying products like this!

Costco also carries an organic yogurt made by the same brand! It’s “Boots Approved”!

Taste: 9/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 9/10

Nutrition: 7/10

Location in Costco: In the refrigerated section by the yogurt.

Which flavor would you like most do you think? Would you try these? Why or why not? 

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  1. Coolio!
    There’s more protein in the yogurt, but also more carbs and calories, so it may depend on what you’re keeping an eye on.
    I haven’t tried the coconut milk ones yet. Just finishing up a package of the yogurt.
    The company sells lids and labels for the jars on their website, so the jars are reusable for other things like crafts, storage or making desserts. Unfortunately, the shipping costs is outrageous so I’m still thinking about it or going to look for a friend to split the cost with.

    • I ordered them, it was free shipping on orders over $18, so I just ordered $18 worth which was a lot of plastic lids. I sold the rest of them in a group I was in with the jars (not for mark up, just what I paid) You could buy one of the ceramic lids and not end up with a ton of plastic ones.

  2. I can not see it being a product they carry long, they have to sell a shit load to keep it on their shelves, it has to sell a lot and it has to move fast to retain shelf space.

  3. I hunted for these in one of the Edmonton locations and couldn’t find them. I’ll have to check again and purchase them, as most of my family is dairy free. The daiya brand of coconut “yogurt” are $2 per yogurt cup, so these would be a great deal for me.

    • You can find them at the 91st street/23rd Avenue location, St.Albert, Sherwood Park, and I BELIEVE the airport location. northeast, deep west, and the yellow head locations do NOT carry them at this time.
      Absolutely worth the effort. There is also 2-3 additional flavours/plain available at planet organic locations, these are in the plastic standard tub size rather than the glass pots.
      I haven’t tried the daiya pots as I can’t eat chicory/inulin, however I would without. Doubt say these are the best yogurts I have ever tried, dairy or not. Go get em! Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the review. I didn’t see it in my local Costco. Where they are typically kept? I have to say ingredients list is long.

  5. Hi, I’m definitely going to get these, and hopefully they have them in Calgary (I’m going there tonight!). My university age daughter has recently been diagnosed with IBS so cannot have regular milk producks or nut milks and she doesn’t like the taste of coconut. Right now she’s having Soy and I worry about the long term health issues with too much soy, so glad to at least have options with the yogurt! Thank you for taste testing these for us!!!

    • according to a FODMAP diet, created for IBS, these pots are of little to no concern. (Only a little if you’re highly sensitive to mango – due to sorbitol).
      Perhaps even more important than the soy, she should be careful to not purchase yogurts with inulin or chicory in the ingredients listing. The fiber is a major irritant for most IBS sufferers.

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